Our Team

Michael van de Weg –  Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer Michael van de Weg, who holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Natal, has been involved with technology and business for over 20 years in a career that has occupied roles in both small and enterprise corporates such as IBM and PwC. Michael takes customer needs and turns them into tangible technology solutions, and has experience of enterprise content management, business intelligence and enterprise resource planning. He has worked in the UK and his native South Africa and has developed excellent client relationships through his commitment to delivering high quality products and services.

Jonathon Desmond – Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer Jonathon Desmond, who holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Systems and a Bachelor in Applied Science in Computing from the Queensland University of Technology, has extensive experience of working with the NHS and has utilised his technical expertise to solve many healthcare problems over the years. Jonathon has applied his skills in the banking, marketing and energy industries, however healthcare has always been his preferred market. Recognised as a specialist in electronic medical records storage and management, Jonathon has presented and applied his theories and ideas, accumulated from his detailed understanding of healthcare systems across the world, to many NHS organisations and health professionals.

Max Smith – Chief Revenue Officer

Chief Revenue Officer Max Smith has over 20 year’s experience working in the NHS IT sector and has a proven track record of initiating, developing and managing organisations. He previously founded and was CEO of SysMicro from 2005 to 2013. The company provided a broad range of IT services and solutions to over 100 NHS acute hospitals, as well as providing a 24 x 7 fully hosted and managed services to the private sector. SysMicro was an award-winning oraganisation that experienced exceptional year on year growth and the multi-million pound business was acquired by the CSI Group in 2012. Max is passionate about sport and in particular boxing and in his spare time is a committee member of High Wycombe ABC.

Tom Price – Non-executive director

Non-executive director Tom Price holds a Bachelor of Science from Southampton University and is a qualified chartered accountant, with over 15 years’ experience in developing, structuring and overseeing the financial requirements of his clients. Presently, Tom owns and manages two financial services companies and holds various board positions and directorships across a range of companies, including several of his clients, both in the UK and overseas.

Phil Burke – Chief Projects Officer

Chief Project Officer Phil Burke is an accomplished project manager with a track record in the delivery of IT initiatives in Healthcare and Financial Services. Prior to joining IMMJ Systems, Phil had thirteen years’ NHS experience during which he took the lead in the specification, procurement and delivery of a range of key health informatics solutions. Significantly, Phil had oversight of the successful implementation of an Electronic Medical Records Programme for a large Acute Hospital. A key challenge facing the NHS today is how to effectively integrate critical patient information held in paper case notes with myriad electronic patient information systems. Phil has hosted a number of in-house and public sessions to discuss EDM deployments within NHS organisations and has extensive knowledge and understanding of implementation approaches, operational challenges, lessons learnt and scanning processes.
Lisa Profile

Lisa Harris – Chief Operations Officer

As a visionary transformational executive, Lisa Harris has an impressive track record of embedding complex business change into healthcare settings, surpassing business objectives and maximising organisational capabilities. She has extensive experience of leading turnaround initiatives and the end-to-end implementation of clinical systems, with particular emphasis on EPR and EDMS deployments. Having successfully deployed innovative clinical solutions with a range of implementation methods, Lisa has in-depth knowledge of the implications of executing digital strategies and the associated challenges. At IMMJ Systems, Lisa leads as Chief Operating Officer, driving an exceptional team of professionals and responsible for devising and aligning corporate strategy to all operational aspects of the business. IMMJ Systems is built on the collective experience of the management team who have worked for many years in healthcare, technology and business. They have combined experience and lessons learned to develop an innovative product, MediViewer that provides clinicians with an intuitive means of accessing digitised patient information quickly. Lisa has been pivotal in the rapid growth of IMMJ Systems from inception to established solutions provider in the healthcare market, boasting six contract wins in 2018/19.

Jamie Hall – Head of Sales

Head of Sales Jamie Hall provides a wealth of knowledge, understanding and expertise around the world of electronic document management, scanning and what is required to deliver a truly paper free model of working to the NHS. having spent the last ten years in the Healthcare sector specialising in EDRMS/EMR/EPR technologies, content management and digitisation services. Jamie has a strong understanding and skill set to enable any client working towards digital transformation from the very ground up. Jamie has worked closely with a number of key Acute NHS Trust over the last five years, around the development of their Business cases towards digital transformation, increasing their overall maturity. Jamie successfully wrote three such cases that were all been given board approval for investment of several millions of pounds whilst benefiting from multi million pound ROI’s. Jamie has a very strong understanding of the digital transformation process from the very bottom up, from basic document capture, to complex forms design, workflow and technical integration and interoperability. Delivering sales and account management with a consultancy and project management emphasis, with a very strong understanding of the records management issues faced in delivering complex customer projects.

Ian Linehan – Non-executive director

Non-executive director Ian Linehan is a retired surgeon with 34 years of experience working in NHS hospitals, the last 20 years of which were as a consultant colorectal surgeon in a busy hospital. Since early retirement in 2012 he has been working as an IT consultant. Throughout his career he developed and implemented IT systems in clinical and non-clinical areas, and in later years he was involved with IT strategy as the precursor for what has now become the chief clinical information officer (CCIO) role. From 2009 to 2015 he was the clinical lead for a project at Basildon Hospital which implemented electronic medical records and back-scanned the historic archive. Ian brings a unique combination of clinical and IT experience to the team.