We are delighted to have appointed Clive Flashman onto the IMMJ Systems’ Innovation Steering Committee

IMMJ Systems’ Innovation Steering Committee is a powerful coalition of IMMJ leaders and recognised visionary industry experts who will guide our innovation as we continue to deliver game changing solutions to our customers and Healthcare providers in the UK and across the globe.

We are delighted to have appointed Clive Flashman onto the committee.

Clive was one of the first people onto the worldwide web, running a section on a CompuServe forum in 1995. He was one of the thought leaders behind knowledge management in the UK around the dotcom boom, and has dipped in and out of the health service and associated businesses for the last 25 years. He is an internationally recognised digital strategist specialising in health, care and charity sectors. He is the immediate past president of the Digital Health Council at the Royal Society of Medicine, mentors on the NHS England clinical entrepreneurship programme, and lectures in digital health at the University of Cumbria. In the past he has sat on the NHS information Standards Board, chaired an HL7 special interest group and also led a WHO committee on patient safety.

Keep following our news as we bring you the latest innovations from IMMJ that empower you to extract insights from your medical records, both paper-based and born-digital, to assist your healthcare professionals in making better informed clinical decisions.

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IMMJ Systems provides complete end to end digital transformation, consultancy and implementation support services by their highly experienced ex NHS delivery teams. IMMJ Systems operates as an agile business and has the ability to adapt precisely to customer needs, allocating the resources each project requires. By providing intuitive, simple, secure access to patient and clinical paper records through digitising this process, IMMJ Systems and MediViewer can deliver significant improvements in patient care quality alongside operational and cost-efficiency benefits.

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