MediViewer™ RPA – Intelligent Automation of Clinical Information

MediViewer™ has become firmly established as the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) of choice amongst clinicians and the wider NHS in recent years.  The intuitiveness of the UI coupled with the inherent speed of access to information has delivered a step change to the way clinicians deliver patient care and equally helped to improve the patient experience.

The dynamic nature of the Healthcare world – and especially the impact of the Covid19 Pandemic – has driven an even greater need for clinicians to have access to all patient information in real time whilst at the same time being able to access this information from anywhere.  Interoperability and ensuring this information is safe and secure are absolute prerequisites.

The demands on Healthcare professionals over recent months has highlighted the need for their time to be spent with patients more than ever and far less time working through disparate information to support patient care.  Intelligent Automation is an enabler for this new way of working.

Numerous vendors have brought to market automation solutions and many have delivered real tangible value to the NHS but the ability to integrate new information into a patient record using technology such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) whilst maintaining the inherent speed of access to the information has eluded the market to date.

With this solution developed by Darren Atkins, Chief Technology Officer (Automation and AI – NHS),  IMMJ Systems has now realised the value of the MediViewer™ architecture and through utilisation of the open API structure integrating the BluePrism Cloud RPA engine with MediViewer™.   This enables Healthcare professionals to access new information from other key hospital systems through the MediViewer™ UI as a single source view.  The speed of integration is incredible and demonstrates clearly the value of technology partners working together for the greater good of the Health service.

What Darren has done with BluePrism Cloud will deliver real tangible value quickly to NHS Trusts who already have both MediViewer™ and BluePrism Cloud in place.  For those that don’t, review the video to see the art of the possible and contact us directly to understand more about the MediViewer™.

“Leveraging the power of Blue Prism Cloud to interact directly with IMMJ’s MediViewer™ Open API allows the rapid upload of clinical documentation without the need to use the front-end user interface. Using existing processes within the NHS Digital Exchange, for example, retrieving GP referrals from ERS with the MediViewer™ API allows real-time uploading of clinical documentation without any human input.  The list of opportunities is endless.” – Darren Atkins, Chief Technology Officer, NHS.

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