Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust unlock more efficient ways of delivering patient care with Swiss Post Solutions UKI & IMMJ Systems

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), a leading outsourcing provider for business process solutions and innovative services in document management, and IMMJ Systems were selected by Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to deliver a multi-speciality service to improve patient care through instant access to clinical information; improved integration; and collaboration between clinicians.

Kingston Hospital has always been at the forefront of digitisation and is one of only a handful of NHS Trusts in the UK at EMRAM score 6. The Trust supports around 350,000 patients and employs c. 3,200 staff. In 2017, it was the fourth Trust in the country to achieve stage 6 of the HIMSS Electronic Medical Record Analytics Adoption Model by becoming a paper lite hospital. The deployment of the MediViewer™ Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is seen as a key enabler for the Trust to move to stage 7.

SPS UKI chose IMMJ Systems  to integrate their MediViewer™ EDMS with the Trusts Cerner Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system, where IMMJ Systems  has already achieved a level of integration no other EDM vendor has been able to achieve. This allows a full comprehensive integrated care experience. MediViewer™ is a next generation digital platform providing searchable, categorised, digitised clinical content and full electronic patient records at the point of care.

By choosing to unlock more efficient ways of delivering care through a fully integrated system, the Trust will achieve increased safety amongst its patients due to greater accuracy of data; 24/7 access to records anywhere geographically; and a full consistent and up-to-date version of patient information. Improved access to relevant information will increase staff morale allowing them to focus on core duties with decreased administrative workload and; provide better care.

Carl Chow, Chief Clinical Information Officer of Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said, “We are proud to be a leading Trust demonstrating a commitment to improve patient safety and the quality of clinical care whilst enabling our staff to carry out core duties more efficiently through the use of technology.‘’

SPS UKI in partnership with IMMJ Systems  were chosen because of their experience and proven ability to collaboratively deliver challenging large-scale digital transformation projects and knowledge of the health sector.

“Kingston Hospital has demonstrated innovation by leveraging technology to improve their patient experience and staff working culture and because of this SPS are proud to be a part of their digital transformation journey,” said Gary Harrold, CEO of SPS UKI. “We are committed to working together efficiently to deliver the change quickly.“

Phil Burke, Chief Projects Officer at IMMJ Systems said, ‘’IMMJ Systems are proud to be partnering with Kingston Hospital and SPS to deliver this project for such a forwarding thinking Trust and assist them in their journey towards paperless healthcare. We are also delighted that IMMJ Systems’ MediViewer™ EDMS has again been chosen as the preferred EDMS platform via another competitive procurement, further demonstrating the change in the market, by providing a uniquely architected solution for another NHS Trust. This project will enable so many benefits for the Trust in a number of areas, we are genuinely excited at the prospect and future successes we will jointly deliver”.