Join us on 24th May for our patient record digitisation webinar hosted by

We invite you to join us for our webinar hosted by called “Patient record digitisation – bringing unstructured data to life”.

More and more hospitals are investing in initiatives to digitise their patients records, but will they succeed in harvesting all of the possible benefits from these programmes. Lisa Harris of IMMJ Systems will be sharing her experiences and showcasing our next generation EDMS to hopefully offer a few pointers in this direction.

Date: 24 May 2019
Time: 12:30 – 13:30


The business case for investment in an EDMS solution is compelling, with the potential for significant improvements in operational efficiency, associated cash-releasing benefits as well as improving clinical decision making.  IMMJ Systems are the provider of MediViewer™, which has been designed and built on the collective experience of their senior management team following many years in healthcare, supporting and delivering clinical systems.

MediViewer™ enables the rapid digitisation of clinical content for use at the point of care and provides structure to patient paper records – inherently unstructured information. The IMMJ Systems delivery team is comprised of experienced NHS clinical and IT professionals who can respond quickly to customer needs and the rapid achievement of healthcare policy targets.  One of the reasons IMMJ Systems deployments are so successful is the in-depth experience of the impact and challenges associated with delivering an EDMS to the NHS.

Lisa Harris will present the MediViewer solution over Webinar and discuss key considerations, share lessons learnt from various deployments and outline the key benefits to NHS Trusts from digitising patient records. Phil Burke will share his experience on scanning strategies when formulating the optimum approach based on the Trusts strategic drivers. We have found that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach for implementation and there are many scanning approaches including scan on demand, full back scan and day forward that may be considered. Equally, there are several implementation approaches including big bang and a phased implementation. The IMMJ Systems team will be able to provide feedback on the various pros, cons of each option. Clinical and stakeholder engagement is fundamental to the successful delivery of any clinical system and Lisa can discuss how the IMMJ Systems approach can support this.

Dr Peden will be on hand to answer questions on his experience of working with IMMJ Systems at Nobles Hospital on the Isle of Man. Nobles Hospital were the first to go-live with MediViewer™ and the project saw the complete closure of two medical records libraries within 14 months of go-live. Thanks to the success of the MediViewer™ deployment at Nobles, we have an excellent reference site which has since enabled us to win consecutive competitive tenders on both quality and price.

Gregor Peden, CCIDO – Isle of Man Department of Health and Social Care
Lisa Harris, Chief Operations Officer at IMMJ Systems
Phil Burke, Chief Project Officer at IMMJ Systems

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IMMJ Systems provides complete end to end digital transformation, consultancy and implementation support services by their highly experienced ex NHS delivery teams. IMMJ Systems operates as an agile business and has the ability to adapt precisely to customer needs, allocating the resources each project requires. By providing intuitive, simple, secure access to patient and clinical paper records through digitising this process, IMMJ Systems and MediViewer can deliver significant improvements in patient care quality alongside operational and cost-efficiency benefits.

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