IMMJ Systems headline sponsors of Excellence In Healthcare 2018

Join us at The Excellence In Healthcare event which will bring together senior leaders from across the NHS and Local Government to network with each other and discuss the current hot topics.

“The public sector needs to cut costs, do more with less, improve efficiency and increase the quality of services delivered to citizens.” We’ve been hearing this since 2010 and all Healthcare Trusts and Local Authorities are continuing to do this. However, simply cutting the budget and improving efficiency within individual organisations is not enough, there needs to be a more integrated approach to the delivery of services. In line with the Health and Social Care Act, Public Health functions were transferred from the NHS to Local Government and since then we have begun to see a different landscape for how care is delivered. However, the path to a fully integrated care programme is not straight forward and we still have a long way to go, although there are some exemplar examples to learn from of which many will be talked about at this meeting. Excellence In Healthcare will bring together senior leaders from across Health and Social Care to network with each other and discuss the current hot topics including:

• Agile deployment for EPR implementation
• Maintaining Data Protection (GDPR) and Being Accountable
• The challenges around interoperability
• IT infrastructure – What to do?
• What are Trusts doing to be innovative along care pathways?
• The impact of the Transfer of Care Initiative
• How to commission and integrate services
• The effect of Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs)
• The integrated care records conundrum
• Implementing, using and maintaining digital communications and mobile working

All attendees will be able to share their own experiences and the challenges they are currently facing. In addition, you will then have the opportunity to look at different ways of addressing these problems and an overall look at where we were, where we are and what needs to be done.

IMMJ Systems enables the rapid digitisation of clinical content for use at the point of care. It does this through its MediViewer electronic document management solution built specifically for healthcare providers and designed around the needs of healthcare professionals. MediViewer provides a device agnostic web based platform for a true clinical mobile working experience. This intuitive EDRM solution provides niche functionality to support BS10008 compliance and highly advanced document classification engine to make sense of large historic paper based medical records. It can also fully integrate with your EPR and provide a complete view of a patient’s health record. MediViewer integrates with best of breed eforms and workflow applications, integrates with the NHS eReferral service, MESH and the MIG to receive and export information into primary case setting with ease.

IMMJ Systems provides complete end to end digital transformation, consultancy and implementation support services by their highly experienced ex NHS delivery teams. IMMJ Systems operates as a agile business and has the ability to adapt precisely to customer needs, allocating the resources each project requires. By providing intuitive, simple, secure access to patient and clinical paper records through digitising this process, IMMJ Systems and MediViewer can deliver significant improvements in patient care quality alongside operational and cost-efficiency benefits.

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