MediViewer® Go-Live Hillingdon

The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust went live with IMMJ Systems’ MediViewer® electronic document management system (EDMS) within their early adopter specialty, Ophthalmology, at the beginning of this year and have continued to roll the system out across the Trust.

To date the system is now live across more than 10 clinical specialties and whilst only at the beginning of their journey, the Trust has already digitised more than fifteen thousand patient records being just a fraction of what they aim to achieve.

The Trust selected MediViewer® during a competitive procurement in 2021 which allows the hospital to scan, index and archive paper medical records and access them through a fast, intuitive, touch-screen user interface.

MediViewer® has become firmly established as the EDMS of choice amongst clinicians and the wider NHS in recent years. The solution has been built specifically for healthcare providers and designed around the needs of healthcare professionals.

This intuitive EDMS solution provides niche functionality with a highly advanced document classification engine to make sense of large historic paper based medical records and providing a complete view of a patient’s health record with ease. The intuitiveness of the user interface coupled with the inherent speed of access to information has delivered a step change to the way clinicians deliver patient care and equally helped to improve the patient experience.

The project is part of the Trust’s digital strategy and aligns three of the Acute Trusts in North West London all being live on the same clinical document management system. MediViewer® has also been integrated with the Hillingdon Care Record (HCR) to provide a robust view of a patient’s health record and will be integrated with the Trust’s new Cerner EPR when the platform goes live later in 2022. This will bring about regional alignment to the instances across North West London including Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust.

At The Hillingdon Hospitals, MediViewer® is being deployed across all specialties with IMMJ supporting the Trust with their early adopter go-live before the Trust resources manage the deployment across the remaining specialties at the Hospital.

Initial feedback following the go-live has been extremely positive with Brinda Chetty, Lead Nurse for Digital Implementation, citing that they have had extremely positive feedback from clinicians who are delighted that the technology is intuitive, easy to use and response times between pages are almost instantaneous.

One Ophthalmology consultant stated, “Information on MediViewer® is easy to find, with multiple customisable navigation and search options available. Our ambition at The Hillingdon Hospitals is to get to paper light and we’re now very confident about our progress.”

The MediViewer® System Administrator has further advised that the system is built for use on any device and works best with tablets/hand-held devices. This allows her to walk around the Trust with her iPad and demonstrate MediViewer® during the early go-live of the system across the Trust.

Robbie Cline, Joint Chief Information Officer for both The Hillingdon Hospitals and London North West commented “This project is an important part of our journey to remove the need to move large amounts of paper around our organisation. By scanning our existing paper notes and any new paper that is created, clinical teams will have instance access to all parts of their patients’ medical records.”

Jamie Hall, Head of Sales, IMMJ Systems commented “There has been a lot of hard work gone into ensuring a successful go live of MediViewer® at the Hillingdon Hospital, from both sides. We are absolutely delighted with the initial feedback on the systems performance and responsiveness, but more importantly seeing the benefits the deployment brings to patients and the Trust as a whole over the coming months and years is crucially important to us all”

Another aspect of the project is the digitisation of the Trusts active and legacy records from their Medical Records library. This work is being completed by specialist scanning service providers Hugh Symons Information Management and will result in 350,000 medical records being digitised by them over the next 3 years.

Chris Booth, Managing Director of Hugh Symons Information Management, commented, “We are delighted to have been awarded the contract to provide our high-volume health records scanning services to The Hillingdon Hospitals and are looking forward to working with IMMJ Systems on another NHS Trust wide digital transformation project. Since the project started at the beginning of 2022, we have already processed more than 2 million images from both legacy health records and day forward files. We are excited about this partnership and to successfully delivering another on time, on budget project over the coming months.”

Lisa Harris, Chief Operations Officer, IMMJ Systems commented “Implementing projects like this, at scale, that involve multiple differing elements and processes are highly complex. Working with key partners and also those colleagues within the Trust that all align to ensure the success as one single team has been a privilege for IMMJ Systems to be a part of”


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