MediViewer™ from IMMJ Systems is an electronic document management (EDM) solution that has been built specifically for UK healthcare and aims to deliver a paperless NHS. MediViewer’s primary goal is to enable hospitals to scan, index and archive paper medical records and access them quickly through an intuitive user interface.

MediViewer™ from IMMJ Systems delivers the following benefits:

  • Reduced implementation risks – our unique architecture and implementation approach enables rapid deployment.

  • High rates of user adoption – the simple interface has been designed in conjunction with healthcare professionals.

  • Low total cost of ownership – no additional third party software licenses required.

  • A superior patient experience – by providing the healthcare professional with simple, fast access to all archived medical records.

  • Support for efficient and effective integrated care – patient information can be shared appropriately across multiple care providers.

  • Rapid ROI – healthcare organisations can realise tangible cash releasing benefits via the eradication of physical record overheads.

  • Helps enforce a more disciplined approach to the recording, capture and storage of critical patient information.

MediViewer™ is the best solution for clinical engagement

MediViewer™ is extremely fast and intuitively easy to use, and presents information in a context familiar to clinical end users. Information is easy to find, with multiple customisable navigation and search options available. The system is built for use on any device, and works best with tablets and hand-held devices. MediViewer™ has been built and sold exclusively for/to healthcare market, meaning end users are a critical focus point.

Key features include:

  • A simple but elegant interface that is intuitive, fully mobile and touch screen enabled – capable of use on any device.

  • Significantly improves the clinicians’ experience by making critical documents easier to locate.

  • Presents documentation within an episodic context. Displays complete attendance history and provides links to documents associated with specific encounters.

  • Personalised to allow presentation of particular clinics, wards and patients.

  • Replicates the ‘paper experience’ by providing in context structure to the patients’ case notes, for ease of navigation. Also simulates the feel of page front and back.

  • Automated method of recognising key clinical documentation and barcodes (e.g. correspondence, history sheets, operation notes, endoscopy records, anaesthetic charts and prescription sheets) using SmartIndex™ technology.

  • Enhanced clinical experience by allowing document and text filtering.

  • Comprehensive audit features.

  • Simplifies the scanning and indexing process (archive and day forward). Intelligent metadata tagging provides a cost efficient alternative to manual identification.

  • End to end tracking of patient records and documentation (back and forward scanning) using Batch Manager functionality.

  • No need for third party software and associated software licensing and support costs. Work list functionality to manage tasks and outstanding actions.

  • Ability to integrate with standards-compliant systems for messaging and external document feeds.

  • Enables full compliance with BS10008 standard.

  • Highly resilient platform-neutral architecture.

  • Browser-based so accessible from anywhere at anytime, subject to necessary role-based permissions.

  • Comprehensive security model; The need for patient privacy is fully observed and supported by a comprehensive security model, with an audit trail that allows for a level of tracking and monitoring that is not achievable in the paper world.