“MediViewer Rapid Deployment Service to deliver digitised medical records for virtual Outpatient clinics. Removing the need for patients to attend Outpatient appointments at hospitals, delivering quick and easy access to scanned patient records at the point of care, no matter where the patient or clinician is.”

Service Features

Go Live in Weeks – Not Months

Standard MediViewer environment ready within 72 hours using our rapid deployment model and the system live with scanned patient records in a matter of weeks. This includes the build of the custom logic and SmartIndex rules for the document classification engine allowing users to find information quickly and easily.

Remote Training & Support

The service is implemented using remote training techniques via 1:1 video conferencing. There is also dedicated technical support 24/7 to make virtual clinics as efficient as possible.

Secure & Mobile

Deployed using a comprehensive security model, including AD group integration and authentication. Medical records can be accessed via any modern browser via HTML5 Responsive Design allowing for access on almost any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Service Benefits

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Access to medical records on any device and in any environment securely over the internet. Remote workers can offer admin support and virtual clinics by reviewing the medical record in real time, helping clinicians adhere to social distancing and limiting their interactions with paper.

Intuitive & Fast

Intuitive interface to view patient records, with inbuilt FAQ and Help Guides that can be used without leaving the patient record. Remote training on filters and the document classification engine mean searching for the necessary information to support the clinic is quick and easy.

Seamless Integration

MediViewer is FHIR ready and has its own HL7 integration engine alongside easy API controls. No third-party products and wholly owned IMMJ technology take away the hassle of integration and helps with the necessary interoperability of virtual clinics.