Compare – Assess – Transform

Our ground breaking EDMS proof of concept, MediViewer CAT has been designed to enable NHS Trusts to experience the power of MediViewer in a live environment.

  • Compare current paper based medical records process’s in a parallel with MediViewer in a live clinic securely hosted in the cloud
  • Assessment report measuring clinical, operational and financial benefits
  • Transformational impact of a Hospital wide EDMS implementation

This CAT programme is implemented in a  single speciality at your Hospital allowing clinical teams and stakeholders to experience and evaluate the benefits of using an EDMS system in comparison with working with paper based Health Records.

What we will deliver…

Project Management: We will identify with you and other stakeholders the best specialty or clinic where the CAT proof of concept should be located, we will liaise, engage and ensure all relevant project documentation is provided.

Scanning: The Trust will identify the quantity of medical records needed to be back scanned and we will work with you to design the classification schema using our revolutionary technology to deliver a granular format back to the users. We can manage the entire back scanning process with our NHS compliant external scanning operation. The back scanned paper medical records will be returned to your records library immediately after scanning.

Benefits: The CAT will provide a time and motion report outlining the real time efficiencies that have been achieved working from a scanned medical record versus working with your current paper medical records. The CAT report will provide you with evidence based clinical, operational and financial benefits.

Day Forward scanning: We will set up a seamless operation to capture any day forward documentation and provide desktop scanners on premise at the chosen speciality.

Integration Services: We will provide full HL7/ADT integration with the Trust PAS for the period of the project.

Cloud enabled: MediViewer will be hosted in the IMMJ systems NHS approved datacentre, providing secure N3 connectivity with mission critical resilience.

Allowing the stakeholders to experience, assess and evaluate at first-hand the “Cloud” benefits.

What you can expect to achieve…

An entirely paper free clinical specialty: We will provide all the resources, application and management to provide a completely paper free specialty for a 4 week period.

Evidence: The CAT will provide a conclusive report based on “before and after” methodology detailing evidence based Clinical, Operational and Financial benefits.

BS1 0008 Compliance: MediViewer already provides the tools to provide compliance to BS1 0008. We will expand upon that to demonstrate how this can be achieved across the entire Trust.

Ease of deployment and use: We will be able to show the Trust how easy a deployment and set up can really be, dispelling any beliefs that these projects are arduous and time consuming. We will also be able to show how easy the application is to use.

Mobility: MediViewer is a completely HTML5 solution from the ground up, the project would demonstrate the ability to provide clinicians with mobile access to the patients scanned records at either inpatient, outpatient or community based settings.

Key Stakeholder engagement: The CAT will provide a platform for EDMS project justification, it will ensure clinical buy in, proof and clear evidence that the concept will deliver clinical, operational and financial benefits providing the Executive team  with evidence based information for digital transformation of paper clinical records.