MediViewer Modules: Departmental Module

In addition to providing a clinical EDRM, we understand the need for non-clinical departments to have the breadth of functionality that the clinical EDRM provides.

  • IMMJ understands the sensitivity around ensuring that clinical documentation and information are never mixed with that of corporate documentation. To this end and built into the core of the MediViewer platform is the departmental licensing function; providing the exact same feature rich management of any scanned imagery regardless from which department it originates.
  • Human Resources departments need to manage the leavers and staff files, that often take up valuable space around a hospital site, or in some instances have their own dedicated libraries.
  • Payroll and finance departments need to manage large numbers of filing cabinets filled with invoices, contracts and ledgers all with their own retention schedules that dictate this information cannot be destroyed before a set date.
  • The MediViewer departmental license could be used for any of the following:
    – Corporate
    – Legal
    – Finance
    – Human Resources
    – Payroll
MediViewer CAT Proof of Concept-speechg-min
MediViewer CAT Proof of Concept-speechg-min