MediViewer Modules: HL7 spine and Clinic Portal

The MediViewer HL7 spine module and Clinic Portal enables users to have full access to their future, past and upcoming patient lists. The HL7 spine module intelligently utilises HL7 messaging to provide a clinician with the information they need about clinics, wards and patient activity at their fingertips.

  • Both clinical and non-clinical users can easily search, retrieve and manage their patients based upon up-coming patient encounters across all wards, allowing the user bookmark entry points making future navigation to key information much easier and simpler, even information around closed wards is available by taking information from the PAS via the HL7 spine module.
  • Encounters can be filtered to illustrate past, present or future patient engagements while automatically filtering the electronic patient record to only display the information specific to that encounter. The Clinic Portal is specifically designed to provide easy and simple access to a patient’s appointments, taking the user directly into the record easily and simply via any mobile device without needing to do so from any other native system.
  • Favourite patients can be accessed by a single click, and each patient has the ISBN compliant patient banner resident displaying key demographic information, alerts, allergies and GP details or any other information as configured by the hospital.
  • Similarly, the HL7 Spine module coupled with the core document repository provide an episodic view of the patients journey and all their recent attendances displaying the relevant scanned documents attributed to each patient episode.
  • IMMJ has moved away from the traditional approach of EDRM vendors of providing types of information and time lines, to utilising the information made available by HL7 and ADT messaging to provide a cleaner approach by displaying the patients journey via a more episodic approach to managing and displaying information.
  • ADT (Admit-Discharge-Transfer) messages are also enabled thereby providing valuable information to the user in patient context on the specific dates relating to that patient’s admitted date, discharged date or transfer of care date.
MediViewer CAT Proof of Concept-speechg-min
MediViewer CAT Proof of Concept-speechg-min