MediViewer Modules: Clinical Process Management

MediViewer Clinical Process Management is specifically designed to enable the effective delivery of electronic forms and combined workflow technology, safely, securely and easily within the clinical setting; all seamlessly integrated into the MediViewer EDMS application.

IMMJ Systems has chosen to establish an enterprise clinical process management environment rich with features that allow multiple system integration along with embedded eForms directly into MediViewer and other end user tools.

Our Clinical Process Management platform ensures that workflow and electronic form solutions are easily built and simple to deliver all covering both system to system and user to user processes. Within MediViewer’s clinical process management suite, you can create reusable views and forms and use them like building blocks to assemble subsequent forms and intelligent workflows. This simplistic approach makes it possible to create a form, customise the design, setup workflow processes and rapidly deliver value to the user.

Key eForms benefits

Drag and Drop: Quickly create your forms with our intuitive design interface. Use our out-of-the-box controls and themes or create your own to develop a rich user experience for all users.

Responsive Design: Build your forms once and make alterations or enhancements on any form of mobile device

Reusable Components: Create reusable views and forms (SmartForms) that can be shared across your Trust. Build new forms faster by reusing existing assets, and promote standardisation and a consistent user experience.

Integrate with Workflows: Integrate forms with multi-user patient workflows that automatically pass from one individual or pathway to another. Give users the ability to do the simple (like approving or reviewing) or the complex (like cross specialty pathway management).

Conditional Logic: Make viewing complex forms easier and more intuitive for your users. Built-in logic and rules make it possible to show or hide certain fields or pages, auto-assign data – the possibilities are endless.

Role-Based Controls: Organize your forms into folders and set permissions for who has access to what information, and who has editing authority over the form.

Work Without Connectivity: Enter information into forms even when you’re offline. As soon as you’re back online, your data will automatically sync with backend systems.

Upload Files: Easily embed documents, files, photos and more to utilize as part of a larger workflow or process.

Key workflow benefits

Drag and Drop: Visual tooling and an intuitive design canvas to speed up the app development process and reduce errors.

Multi-User/Multi-System: Create workflows that contain any combination of user steps and system steps: complex task assignments, drill down properties, business rule evaluation, exceptions, escalations, error handling, SLAs, loop/switch/parallel actions and more.

Smart Assist Configuration: Surface best practices and logical next steps as you build workflows. The drag-and-drop designer will prompt you with suggestions based on previous steps.

Better Collaboration: Make your teams super productive. Because the logic and steps of a workflow are shown in pictures instead of buried in coding, business users and developers can both contribute to designing a process and making it better.

Greater Visibility: It’s easy to click into the picture of a workflow and see the status of tasks, including: who it’s assigned to, how long it’s been waiting for action, what response was given, etc.

Alerts & Notifications: Manage the status of a workflow, and allow users to focus on other aspects of their job without worrying about whether or not a task is being completed.

Centralised Task Management: Managing a variety of processes and tasks is challenging enough without having to go to multiple locations to view the status of a task or process. Having everything visible on one screen increases process visibility and helps managers keep processes running smoothly.

MediViewer CAT Proof of Concept-speechg-min
MediViewer CAT Proof of Concept-speechg-min