MediViewer Modules: API Engine and Data Integration

As with all solutions that store and surface patient information the need for integration to supporting systems is crucial to ensure a single version of truth and a high user adoption. MediViewer has been designed to integrate with any other system open to data integration and interoperability.

  • It is evident that not all key patient information is contained within the patient’s paper based record. Once digitised there are a number of electronic documents that need to be brought together to create the complete electronic medical record. To facilitate this MediViewer provides a data integration engine that can harvest information captured from remote scanners, Multi-Functional Devices, file shares and information distributed from other clinical applications.
  • The MediViewer data integration engine can be configured to capture information from almost any other third party clinical application, or file share retrieving the imagery, documents and associated metadata and applying that to the patients record. This coupled with the HL7 and ADT data this information ensures alignment to the patient’s episodic journey through their lifecycle of care.
  • Automated Document Classification then applies that could be for the user to then wish to search for this information, it could be the latest set of lab results for example, coupled with them needing to see this information with the patients nursing notes, correspondence and so on.
  • The MediViewer API engine allows direct integration from other host clinical systems, allowing users to navigate to the patients scanned record or documents in patient context from the host system and back again. As the MediViewer user interface is pure HTML5 only and use deep linking the front-end can be surfaced within all supporting applications, browsers and devices.
  • MediViewer’s interoperability ensures that the user remains in patient context at all times while still providing the functionality to view the patients record in a highly intuitive, mobile platform designed to find the clinical documentation needed as quickly as working with the paper records themselves.
MediViewer CAT Proof of Concept-speechg-min
MediViewer CAT Proof of Concept-speechg-min