The MediViewer™ core document repository is very much at the heart of our offering, providing secure document management and retrieval of your scanned imagery. Designed from the ground up by ex-NHS staff to be infrastructure light but also provide unrivalled performance, ensuring your users can access and manage their scanned documents quicker than working with the paper based equivalent.

MediViewer™ from IMMJ Systems delivers the following benefits:

  • The MediViewer system is a web based application, rendering all users features and functions available from any form of mobile device with an intuitive HTML5 front end. This is a key component of the digital transformation journey, as times change users needs dictate that being tied to a COW (computer on wheels) is no longer a viable working option of the modern day NHS.
  • The MediViewer document repository can be accessed as a standalone system where by pure document archiving is required to simply store records as they are, or as a fully integrated system integrated from another third party clinical system (PAS/EPR/Portal) where a dedicated plug, or use of the MediViewer API engine is required.
  • When combined with the MediViewer HL7 Spine module and Clinic/Patient Portal modules provides a complete end to end clinical electronic document records management system.
  • Users can access scanned imagery at a click of a button, with all scanned images divided into their required sections at the point of scanning. When used in conjunction with the MediViewer document classification module and OCR modules we are able to provide an unparalleled degree of granularity to the scanned images, providing for key document filtering to take place meaning a user can search for key documents across the patients entire record by document type, speciality, sites and location.
  • The MediViewer document repository can be used to store not only scanned patient records, but also scanned imagery from any department sitting outside of the core clinical store, for example;
    – HR- Payroll
    – Finance
    – Corporate
    – GUM clinic
    – Mental Health & Social Care records that are not to be combined with the main acute clinical record
MediViewer CAT Proof of Concept-speechg-min
MediViewer CAT Proof of Concept-speechg-min