Confidential patient information securely in the cloud

MediViewer Cloud provides clinicians and relevant  hospital staff with a powerful, intuitive and user-friendly solution to view a patient’s digitised paper and electronic medical records.

This simple yet sophisticated platform facilitates rapid access to clinical content providing a 360º view of a patient’s record at the point of care. MediViewer Cloud provides access to all of MediViewer’s functionality. This platform enables your trust to benefit from a fully compliant Cloud delivery service in line with the recently announced NHS Cloud national guideline and legislation.

  • N3/HSCN secure connectivity
  • Rapid and Agile Application deployment
  • Access  to authorised MediViewer users anytime, anywhere from any device in line with your hospital’s policies
  • 24 x 7 x 365 high availability mission critical secure platform for your digitised medical records
  • Scalable, secure and sustainable storage platform
  • The MediViewer Cloud licencing model will deliver your trust’s financial flexibility options for example by reducing capital expenditure and access to revenue based funding.
MediViewer Cloud Infographic
MediViewer CAT Proof of Concept-speechg-min
MediViewer CAT Proof of Concept-speechg-min