MediViewer™ offers affordable functionality that has been developed with clinicians and built specifically for the healthcare setting.


  • A simple yet elegant interface that is fully mobile, touchscreen enabled and ready to use on any device.

  • Allows for the creation of user configurable rules to recognise un-barcoded documents utilising OCR. Barcode recognition is also fully supported.

  • Documentation within an episodic context, featuring complete attendance history and links to documents associated with specific encounters.

  • Representation of document taxonomies to enable intelligent selection whilst retaining granularity where required.

  • A simplified scanning and intelligent metadata indexing process (archive and day forward). Intelligent metadata tagging provides a cost-efficient alternative to manual identification.

  • A browser-based interface making it accessible from anywhere at anytime, subject to necessary role-base permissions.


  • Supports multiple file types including text, audio, video and image.

  • Uses smart indexing to ensure that finding information is quick and easy for users of all technical abilities.

  • Is BS10008 compliant and ensures the patient record cannot be deleted or altered in any way, as well as providing a full audit trail.

  • Includes role-based access control and supports content lifecycle management.

  • Comes without the need for third party software, therefore reducing overall costs and maintenance headaches.

  • Compliments existing electronic patient record and infrastructure approaches and can take data from multiple sources.

  • Comes with responsive and flexible support and training throughout implementation and beyond.

  • Communicates via REST API authentication by means of RFC7519 compliant security tokens (‘JWT’s’), which facilitates integration with a client’s third party and in-house applications.

  • Is easy to use and supports the move from paper-based healthcare to paper-lite and paperless environments.

The path to becoming a proud MediViewer™ customer begins here: