Who are IMMJ Systems?

IMMJ Systems enables the rapid digitisation of clinical content for use at the point of care. It does this through its MediViewer™ electronic document management solution built specifically for healthcare providers and designed around the needs of healthcare professionals. IMMJ Systems provides an end-to-end solution that optimises every aspect of the digitisation of clinical content at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. By providing intuitive, simple, secure access to patient paper records through digitising this process, IMMJ Systems and MediViewer™ can deliver significant improvements in patient care quality alongside operational and cost-efficiency benefits.


IMMJ Systems is built on the collective experience of the management team who have worked for many years in healthcare, technology and business. Having been involved at the ‘sharp end’ of delivering healthcare solutions involving the digitising of patient records, we have acquired extensive knowledge and understanding of the operational challenges facing NHS organisations who are beginning their paperless journey. We have combined our experience and lessons learned to develop an innovative new product that allows clinicians to mine information easily, quickly and cost effectively.

IMMJ Systems has high standards and a clear vision for the future, it has a strong tradition of customer-focused R&D which yields products which are about meeting the demands currently facing healthcare service delivery.

Our approach to business transformation

We understand that the shift from paper to electronic records is a huge business change initiative. We appreciate the intricacies of each specialty and how they interact with the notes given the patient flows around the hospital. We operate as a nimble business and have the ability to adapt precisely to customer needs, allocating the resources each project requires. We develop close working relationships with our customers, unlike larger suppliers who have corporate rather than effective team relationships.


IMMJ Systems appreciate that organisations have their own resources in place that have a comprehensive understanding of current clinical processes and we look to work in partnership to provide skills transfer and ensure a ‘light touch’ approach to consultancy services. Our methodology has been rigorously documented so that it can be communicated clearly to the internal project team for a seamless handover for the remainder of the roll-out.

How does MediViewer™ help achieve BS10008 compliance?

MediViewer™ ensures the scanned documents cannot be deleted or altered in any way, as well as providing a full audit trail. Its version control technology enables a healthcare professional to view documents in context within a patient medical record, reflecting how they were at any previous point in time since scanning and archiving.

Clinical acceptance

One of the main reasons that some EDM solutions have been rejected by the clinical community is the difficulties they face in navigating through complex patient notes to find important documentation quickly. Organisations have found that manually indexing historic patient documentation is hugely inefficient, costly and error prone. Our approach allows organisations to consult with the clinical community to understand which documents are critical and define recognition rules that will allow MediViewer™ to identify key documents – in real time. The recognition rules are completely user configurable which means that they can be finessed and enhanced over time without the need for development expertise. Of equal importance is the fact that, once located, recognised documents are displayed in their original context i.e. as they were filed in the original case note. For example, if the MediViewer™ user has found correspondence referring to an attachment, such as pathology results, the supplementary information can easily be found – just a single click away.

We have a clear vision for the future with R&D geared towards providing healthcare solutions around the globe

Financially secure and run by NHS professionals with extensive experience in clinical IT requirements

We develop strong working relationships and value our clients

A nimble business with the ability to adapt precisely to customer needs